Logitech MK875 Performance Keyboard and Mouse 920-008523 - Black

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Brand: Logitech
MPN: 920-008523
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Logitech MK875 Performance Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo 920-008523 - Black


MK875 Performance

Enjoy ultra comfort with the multi-system compatible Logitech MK875 Performance wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

Interact with your computer and other devices with ease using the Logitech MK875 performance wireless keyboard and mouse combo. This keyboard lets you communicate with your computer device via wireless technology, so you don't need to worry about keeping the right cables on hand. The Logitech MK875 full-size keyboard provides great comfort and ease of use thanks to well-built keys that let you type quietly, and a cushioned palm rest to give your hands a soft place to sit.



  • Comfortable Keyboard

    The Logitech MK875 combo includes a full-feature keyboard equipped with responsive keys for a quieter, more comfortable typing experience. It's easier to spend hours at your desk when there's a soft, cushioned palm rest where your hands can sit comfortably. The keyboard's streamlined design enables intuitive typing for greater productivity and efficiency.

  • Powerful Mouse

    The mouse included in this combo pack lets you connect to up to three screens, so you can easily switch from one system to the next. Work seamlessly between your tablet, phone, and computers using this powerful mouse, which is multi-OS friendly. Custom options are available through Logitech software that you can install for your mouse.

  • Ease of Use

    The keyboard and mouse are designed with wireless technology for easy connectivity and use, with full compatibility with different devices and systems. Darkfield High Precision tracking with up to 4,000 DPI lets you control the mouse flawlessly, even on glass and other smooth surfaces. Bluetooth Smart technology enables superior wireless connectivity for greater access to applications.


  • Wireless keyboard and mouse combo offers advanced multi-device options for greater versatility

  • Bluetooth Smart technology support provides seamless wireless connectivity and a wide range of applications

  • Full-size keyboard with well-designed keys for hours of comfortable, quiet typing

  • Powerful mouse lets you control up to three computers thanks to Logitech Flow for increased productivity

  • Keyboard and mouse are compatible with a range of devices and are multi-OS friendly for adaptability with many systems

  • Enjoy flawless control and accurate tracking with up to 4,000 DPI and Darkfield High Precision tracking

  • Keyboard has a cushioned palm rest for greater comfort

  • Use this combo with all your devices, including primary and secondary computer, phone, and tablet



  • Color: Black

  • Batteries Included: No

  • Battery Requirements: 2 x AAA Batteries

  • Interface Type: USB

  • Bluetooth: Yes

  • Mouse Operation: Button(s) with scroll wheel

  • Mouse Tracking Method: Laser

  • Mouse Number of Buttons: 3



  • Logitech MK875 Performance Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo 920-008523 - Black


Logitech MK875 Performance Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo 920-008523 - Black